Please Plant This Book is a collection of eight poems, originally printed on packets of garden seeds, by Richard Brautigan. He wrote Trout Fishing in America and other books. Go »


Three ways to look at time is an animation derived from a photograph by Etienne-Jules Marey. Made with Making Sense of Marcel Duchamp in mind, but not used in the final version. Go »




Chinese Lantern is another exhibit for Making Sense of Marcel Duchamp, finished but unused. Go »

Chinese Lantern demonstrates an optical illusion known as kinetic depth effect or KDE. If you're having trouble seeing the 3D effect, take a look at this simpler example of KDE.


The Eruption of the Öraefajökull is an eyewitness account of volcanic catastrophe in 18th Century Iceland, spiced up with attention-getting titling. Go »


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